My eyes on you - Style maker

My eyes on you - Style maker

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If you are struggling finding the right style for you and if you would like me to help you creating the perfect style for you, you definitely need this. 


1st step - You send 3 photos of you : 2 photos of face with (if you are used to wearing makeup) and without makeup + 1 full body photo with an outfit that you like to wear. 

Tell me a little bit more about you : your occupation (what type of clothes you need to wear at work), your favorite colors to wear, favorite stores, celebrities with a style that you like, what are you struggling with when it comes to create your outfits. 

2nd step - After receiving your information, I will work and create the best style for you. You will receive 3 styles created specially for you, according to your personality, taste and appearance. My goal is to enhance your beautiful self in a way that you feel the difference but that you are still feeling comfortable in the level up version of you. 

You will receive all of the information regarding the looks that I've made : why these styles would be perfect for you, where to find the clothes, how to wear them in your everyday life. 

3rd step - Your style, your choice - Let me know your thoughts ! You decide weither you like these or if you me to change something to make them even better for you. If you need another option, I send you a new proposition according to your details.

You have now the perfect style for you and the keys to feel confident in your everyday life. 


* You will receive your 1st email within 24H after purchasing our Style Maker program *

I will reply to all of your email within 24H.